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By Thom Gorman | Published: December, 2011

I admit it. I am a “gear head”. I have built, modified and rebuilt all kinds of vehicles over many, many years. Since the 1980’s, I have watched, with great interest, as the electric vehicle (EV) went from an oddity to major production. I am seriously considering building my own and have a set of ¼ scale assembly plans, for a homebuilt hybrid. There are serious things though, that have to be done, beyond just buying or building an EV. The area, that gets the least thought, is the electrical interface, between your home and your new electric vehicle. Some serious fires have resulted from recharging electric vehicles, at home. The real danger is that these fires happen at night, when the EV is off the road and the families are asleep. Almost all of these fires were caused by poor installation of the charging station. I decided to take it one step farther. I did a search for: Certified Electric Contractors – Miami and made a few calls. “Yeah, we’ll give it a shot” or “we can follow any schematic” were typical of the answers to my request for information, on putting in a home EV charging station.

Only one contractor, I called, was actually certified by SPX to install an in-home charging station for an EV. SPX is the charging system manufacturer and Mr. Sparky’s are the only SPX certified electrical contractors in Miami and surrounding areas. We are all familiar with Mr. Sparky’s big red trucks. Now we know that SPX, the biggest player in electric vehicle re-charging, has fully certified Mr. Sparky as the EV industry’s local certified electrical contractors. If Mr. Sparky is good enough to modify your home for an EV; they can probably handle that rewiring job, you’ve been putting off. Give them a call or visit www.mistersparky-miami.com today.








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